Superboard are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized out of home media formats. Located primarily on major roads, they attract high-density consumer exposure (most-ly to vehicular traffic, but often to pedestrians). Superboards afford heightened visibility due not only to their size, but also because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments.
Primary Uses
Superboard provide high impact and high circulation for many kinds of products and services to reach consumers. 
Rotary Superboard
Rotary Superboards are moved to different, pre-approved locations periodically to give broad market coverage. 
Permanent Superboards 
Permanent Superboards have dominant coverage of high traffic volumes at fixed locations; advertis-ing remains at the location throughout the duration of the contract. Permanent Superboards are also used for directional or selected geo-demographic coverage purposes. 
Superboards are available in virtually all markets (cities, towns, connecting highways, and expressways).

Digital Billboard

Digital billboards offer static messages that rotate every few seconds with typically six to eight advertisers sharing the same location. Ad messages change every six to eight seconds.
Primary Uses
Digital billboards provide high impact and high circulation exposure in a wide range of markets.  

Method of Purchase
Digital billboards can be purchased by specific location or a network of multiple locations, which may be offered by individual plant opera-tors. Digital billboards can be contracted for periods ranging from one week to several weeks. 
Digital billboards are a flexible format. Advertising messages can be changed weekly, daily or even hourly. Creative strategies can tell a story or communicate numerous details using multiple design layouts.


Posters are located chiefly in commercial and industrial areas on major local roads. They are viewed principally by people in automobiles or pedestrians and deliver exposure to residents and to commuter traffic. 
Primary Uses
This format is often used as a full market cov-erage medium for reach and frequency. Packaged buys can be tailored for specific mar-keting goals: supermarket coverage, ethnic tar-geting, focus on certain geographic areas, etc.
Posters can be found in virtually all markets (cities/towns) 
Method of Purchase 
Posters are purchased in GRP programs of dif-ferent weights, typically in four to 52-week units, depending on campaign objectives. 


Spectaculars are large and elaborate, non-standard structures custom-designed to gain maximum attention through such eye-catching special effects as: neon tubing, fiber optics, backlit panels, hydraulic movement, video screens, message centers, three-dimensional sculpted features, incandescent lamps, strobes, transparencies, and various digital graphics. 
Primary Uses 
Spectaculars are created by special design teams and erected at locations of mass con-sumer exposure, such as New York’s Times Square or Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. They are also used in areas where there is visibility to several major highways at the same time, such as expressways in major downtown areas. 
These boards are available in major cities (downtown areas, airport vicinity) on a custom lease basis. 
Method of Purchase 
Spectaculars are purchased with special contracts, typically for a long-term lease.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelter panels offer uncluttered showcases for advertising, mounted (usually two per shel-ter) in glass, backlit frames. They provide 24 hour visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic at high-circulation locations, usually along main roadways of metropolitan markets.
Primary Uses 
Used to reach metropolitan audiences for both national and local advertisers. Can be pur-chased and rotated throughout markets or by selective locations to reach specific target groups. Magazine-quality production makes them effective for multiple uses, including point-of-purchase, directional, residential cov-erage, ethnic, or micro-marketing. Often bought in conjunction with other forms of out of home advertising.
In most major markets throughout the United States & Canada
Method of Purchase 
Purchased in GRP programs rotated in four week intervals throughout a market. Some available for sale individually.

Bus Advertising

Exterior bus posters afford mass audience exposure as buses travel set routes through markets. Frequency develops from repeated exposures due to buses following the same routes.
Primary Uses 
Used to reach pedestrians and vehicular traffic in metropolitan areas during daylight and, in some cases, nighttime hours.
In 80-85 percent of the top 100 markets.
Method of Purchase 
Purchased in four week GRP programs representing estimated daily exposure opportunities as a percent of market population.

Airport Advertising

Airport advertising is available in a variety of formats. Interior displays can be freestanding or affixed to terminal walls, windows, columns, ceilings, or floors.
They are located throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, gate-hold rooms, concourses, retail shops, and VIP
lounges. The majority of interior airport displays are backlit. Exterior displays are available along airport/terminal road-ways as billboards, spectaculars, or
overhead signs.
Selected Formats 
Freestanding Interior Displays

Three or four-sided freestanding units located throughout the airport’s terminals and con-courses. 
Highly visible units that allow advertisers to display their products and/or services to the airport audience. 
Exhibition/Promotion Areas
Areas located throughout airport terminals that allow advertisers to communicate directly with the airport audience. These tactical spaces allow advertisers and marketers to educate and inform passengers about products and services. 
Courtesy Phone Centers 
Located in arrivals near baggage claim areas, these units allow passengers to dial direct the accommodation of their choice. It consists of a unit backdrop with color advertisements and special direct-line telephones located on thefront of each unit. Sold in packages. 
Screens/TV Monitors
Full-coverage networks of LCD/LED screens or television monitors providing advertising and information in the airport at high-traffic pas-senger cluster areas.

Shopping Malls

Shopping mall displays are located at entrances, anchor stores, escalators, food courts, and other high traffic areas in a mall as kiosks, wall-mounted, and free-standing dis-plays. Many are two, three, or four-sided units that can contain store directories and are backlit for added visibility. Some copy
rotates to provide eye-catching movement. Programmable video and digital displays are available in some markets.

Primary Uses 
Used to reach shoppers with spending on their minds and for branding. Advertisers include national and regional accounts as well as com-panies whose products or services are sold in the mall.
Available in thousands of malls throughout the USA & Canada.
Method of Purchase
Purchased in GRP programs rotated in four-week intervals throughout a market. Some available for sale individually.


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